Amvca 2024 Edition: Another Glimps Of African Fashion Spirit.

All that Happened at AMVCA 10TH Edition.

Africa has always been not just a home of fashion but a world for fashion where the earth has fallen in love with the kisses of her fashion beauty and creativity finding expressions in wears and clothing styles. AMVCA 2024 edition was yet again another testament or proof of the glory preached in the African fashion story.

The African magic viewers choice Award (AMVCA) 2024 edition offered another glimpse of fashion glory and creativity, it’s an annual event that recognizes certain achievements of stars in television and film industry.

While so many awards were dished out to deserving movie stars and content creators for their roles in acting, customs, script writing, or movie sounds, the fashion styles of the celebrities stole the show, the celebrities came to the show dressed in levels of attires that once again gave credence to the fashion sense inherent in Africa, truly Africa deserves her flowers!

Africa's Beliefs Were Represented

Dressing in Africa is not just to impress or cover supposed hidden genitals but rather to educate and promote creativity. At the AMVCA event, celebrities dressed in attires that either evoke thoughts, feelings or statues. Some participants like RMD, Vanita, Akofure, Makinwa etc showcased their elegant and stunning traditional attires which merges African heritage with allure of the film industry.

Akofure and Vanita both rocked lovely matching outfits to represent their Itsekiri heritage during the AMVCA cultural night wining the best dressed for the male and female categories respectively, their attires evoked royalty vibes.

For all the beauty that ensued at the ceremony, one thing that stood out and must be celebrated is the creativity of African designers. Starting from the choice of materials, the kinds of designs, accurate measurements, matching colors all evoking thoughts of nature, kingship/statues, acceptance, milestones, and beliefs.

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