CEO Micah Elechi Attends Toronto Fashion Art

Fashion, Art and Happiness.

Over the weekend, our founder Mr. Micah Elechi was at the fashion art Toronto 1664 fashion week. Amongst fun, smiles, beauty and the glamor, ambience of culture, fashion styles, and radiant beauty of music kissed the feet of Toronto. The environs of Canada resonated with different fashion colors forming hills of excitement and hearts as loaded vessels of happiness greeted with cheers and parade as men and women gathered to express ideas and preach unity, creativity, and acceptance through deep fashion and music ideas.

Held at the prestigious BLACK CREEK ASSEMBLY (131 Maccormack St Toronto), the Fashion Art Toronto fashion week featured fleets of showcasing shows from over 40 Canadian designers, together with shop local boutiques, stylish art installations, and an immersive fashion playground.

The Feeling of A Fresh Start

The 1674 fashion week had “BLOOM” as the theme which the organizers said was to celebrate the essence of springs and summers with collections that are bursting with emotions and imaginations. According to them “designers were inspired by the vibrant energy of nature in full bloom, showcasing pieces that evoked the feeling of a fresh start and a new beginning”.

Fun, Play, and Experiment

The fashion art was majorly about experimentation, play, and fun even as designers went beyond the normal to explore innovative fashion ideas that embraces the beauty of transformations and growth which in turn reflects the season in every stitch and silhouette.

The Fashion Art Was A Ground For Creativity Breeding.

FAT brought about the sharing of ideas to inspire collaborations among designers and artists which was geared towards the growth of the Canadian culture industry.

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