African Proverb Dresses: Harnessing The Power Within

“If The Back Side of a Fat Woman Is Not a Coward, Then Why Is It Behind?”

Africa is a home of many talents, characterized by strength, and abilities, sadly enough, harnessing the numerous talents and reaching the peak has not been fully explored and utilized.

This plague could be ascribed to many factors, common amongst them is the ease of looking outside (especially to western nations) to grow potentials as a replacement for looking within, this repudiates the power that lies within us as Africans.

Africans are not cowards neither are they stamped without a choice like the behind of a fat woman hence she must start exploring her forte to reach the acme of her potentials.

For this cause, Macklemore Solutions is championing a revolution by promoting the wearing of dresses styled with African Proverbs.

You too can join and promote the expression of the numerous potentials embedded in Africans by wearing these dresses.

Contact Macklemore Solutions for your African proverb dresses.


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