Cowries Inspired Earrings and Necklaces: An Integral Part Of African Culture

Cowrie shells, incredibly unique in shape and pattern, have been a vital part of African history. It has found relevance or usefulness in African culture through trade and adornment that spans over centuries.
Cowrie shells were used majorly as a form of currency especially in Africa as far as the 14th century and even in the colonial period and continued to a peak in the 18th century.Though it no longer plays the currency roles it played centuries back, cowrie shells remain an important cultural symbol.

Cowrie shells are often considered sacred, symbolizing wealth, fidelity, and spiritual growth. They are equally used as decorative elements, and symbols of status and power. Despite the decline in its use as currency, cowrie shells still find usefulness and relevance in today’s African culture through fashion or dressing.

Cowrie Inspired Dressing

Cowrie shells are part of African traditional and contemporary fashion designs, presently especially in west Africa, cowrie shells are incorporated into fashions expressed in jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and are worn for functions and even ceremonies.

According to fashion stylist and costume designer Novi Brown “fashion is a great avenue to bring forward trends and traditions that were sent to the back burner” this cannot be any less truth for Africa as she has brought these trends in jewelries like cowrie inspired earrings and necklaces.

  • Cowrie inspired earrings: these are earrings designed out of the spur from cowrie shells and are made to bear a resemblance to the shapes and pattern of cowrie shells which could be oval, rounded, or smooth and with a lustrous appearance assorted with its swirling patterns or ridges.


  • Cowrie inspired necklaces: wearing cowrie inspired necklaces not only make your style elegant, but also a homage to material culture and history. When worn, they evoke natural beauty and bring back rich African trends and culture buried by civilization and lack of belief in the African shine.

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